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Trailer Park Tales 02: Lexi

Trailer Park Tales is a series of stand-alone short stories that will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men, some of whom they’ll be related to. They’re very light on plot and more about the sex. Consider this your warning about ...Read More

Women’s Studies

To the new readers, and those of you who have returned. I expect this to be a long series and I’m glad that you are going on this journey with me. Comments are encouraged and voting is appreciated. I would like to thank ramjet69 ...Read More

The Married Affair

The cuddling lasted a mere five minutes as we couldn’t get enough of each other. He rolled me into my stomach grabbing my thighs and pulling my ass against him entering my once again wet pussy from behind, I let out a scream of ...Read More

Punished by a mysterious stranger

Meeting a mysterious stranger is always an interesting encounter. Getting to know his darker wild side is what makes this story so breathtaking. Punished by a mysterious stranger. As the sun set on a beautiful day. A perfect setting, the well manicured garden the ...Read More

Teenage Dream

She stretched her long legs out on the seat, barefoot as she’d left her sandals on the floorboard up front. He took in the sight of her breasts, her smooth, flat stomach, and the little slip of gauzy white fabric around her waist, barely ...Read More

Two Couples in Madison

This is a fictional work. The date had been on the calendar and circled for a long time. Sunday August 20, 2017. That was the date for the annual Gay Pride Walk in Madison Wisconsin. Actually it had been on many calendars and circled ...Read More

The Naked Bike Ride

Enjoy! Compared to the disaster that was the pre-ride painting party, the rest of the Naked Bike Ride went pretty much as planned. Andrea, Mark, Malcolm, and Emma stayed towards the rear of the pack, letting the serious riders go ahead of them, but ...Read More