Punished by a mysterious stranger

Meeting a mysterious stranger is always an interesting encounter. Getting to know his darker wild side is what makes this story so breathtaking.

Punished by a mysterious stranger.

As the sun set on a beautiful day. A perfect setting, the well manicured garden the mountain as a back drop and beautiful views of the city lights. The bride and groom said their good byes and left. I searched for my husband who was catching up with some old friends. I was exhausted and decided to call it a night. I stepped into the lift and met this cute yet mysterious looking guy. He too was heading to his room on the same floor as mine.

After a little chit chat he asked if I would like to see the rooftop pool area. Although I knew I needed to say NO, He had the sweetest smile that could get any girl to melt, with the most mysterious look in his eyes and I agreed.

We headed to the roof top. We chatted for a while and enjoyed the breathtaking view. Before I knew it we were flirting. A cool breeze kept blowing my thigh high slit higher. I saw his eyes travelling up my slit to my cleavage. Suddenly there was this sexual tension in the air. I couldn’t help but notice the growth in his pants. My nipples were responding with a growth of their own.

We headed back to the lift and this time there was silence. The sexual tension was increasing . I searched my handbag for my room key and realised I left it with my husband.He offered me to wait in his room a little while. That way I could kick off my heels and relax.

The lift stopped. I pulled off my wedding ring and slipped it into my handbag. I wasn’t thinking straight right now.. I followed him to his room. He offered me a drink. We sit and stare and flirt with one another. His cock was growing bigger and bigger in his pants. I could feel the wetness in my pussy. He had this look of desire. And I wanted to explore this desire.

We moved closer and closer. Our lips met and his touch set my body on fire. I could feel his big cock throbbing against me . He unzipped my dress and I opened his buttons of his shirt. He dropped his pants and showed me how turned on he was. I have never seen or felt such a big cock in my life.His hands gripped my breast as he sucked on my nipples. His fingers playing with my wet pussy. I stroke his huge cock and go down to suck it. He grows even bigger in my mouth.

He bends me over the bed, ties my hands behind my back. That innocent and mysterious look turned to wild raw passion.
He spanks me leaving his hand prints on my ass. He grips me and thrusts his big cock into my wet aching pussy . Thrusting non stop hitting me harder and harder making me scream in pleasure. I was in his complete control.

He started circling my ass hole with his finger. He slid one finger then two into my tight ass which was never before penetrated. He then pushed his big cock deep inside my ass. I let out a loud scream. He thrusted deeper and deeper into my ass. Making me scream louder and louder. It was the first time I felt somthing so big and long inside my tight ass and I was loving every minute of it.

He slid back into my pussy and thrusted so wildly. I couldn’t hold back and I squirted and had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever felt. My juices streamed down his big cock.

This mysterious sweet looking guy was not done just yet. He pushed his big cock back into my ass. He thrusted wildly n roughly. He started moaning louder and louder and moments later I felt his come shoot deep inside my ass, filling me with his hot juices.

He untied my hands. Gave me a sweet but passionate kiss. Massaged me gently and helped me get dressed.

I left his room with a big satisfied smile on my face knowing that I just got penetrated by a sweet mysterious stranger and I loved it.


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