Vicky’s Experience at the Surgery

The front door slammed shut and I went sulking off to my bedroom after yet another argument with Sam, it’s all we seem to do lately. This one was over the fact that I wasn’t in the mood for a session.

To be honest I just wasn’t in the mood to even look at him, he has been out of work for the last 4 months and has turned into a slob, sleeping half the day away then spending the afternoons playing on the Xbox while I’m busting my ass off doing overtime when I can to make ends meet.

Today his mate Kurt had been around judging on the state of the living room with the empty cans and pizza boxes everywhere. To top it off I had to be up early in the morning as I had an appointment with the nurse for a smear test and the last thing I wanted was to be awake half the night with his lager and garlic breath in my face. Now that he’s gone though I’m led wide awake, tossing and turning so may-be it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea after all.

The following morning, I got up and could hear Sam’s snores coming from the living room, I didn’t hear him come in so I must have dropped off into a deep sleep at some point although I didn’t feel like I had had any sleep. I went into the bathroom to shower and have a quick spruce up in preparation for my smear and may-be some makeup sex later, which is always the best sex, although looking at him sprawled out dribbling on the settee I have second thoughts. I do still love him, I think…but.

Anyway, I got dressed and had some breakfast then left to go to the surgery. I absolutely hate coming here, especially being sat in the waiting room with whiny, snotty nose kids and people coughing and spluttering everywhere insisting they have the flu. I’m sat flicking through an ancient copy of OK magazine when finally, my name is called.

I walk over to the nurse’s room then walk in and literally gasp in shock. The nurse inside isn’t my regular nurse and she is absolutely stunning, she has a mop of long, soft, curly, dark auburn hair and the most intense, gorgeous shade of green eyes I have ever seen, like the cat off the cat food adverts. She introduces herself as Leigh Hughes and explains that the regular nurse is off on the sick for a few months. I am stuttering like an idiot in response to her as I can’t stop staring at her eyes and I can’t understand for the life of me what the hell is going on and why I’m feeling like I am.

I’m tingling in places where I definitely shouldn’t be tingling with what I’m about to have done and I’m sure I can feel a damp patch. What the fuck is happening to me? After what seemed like an eternity of her having a look through my history on the computer she tells me to pop behind the screen to remove my trousers and underwear and lie on the couch.

I have to ask her if I can quickly pop to the toilet fist as I have to go and wipe, I won’t be needing any lube if I don’t. I rush to the loo and I can’t believe how wet I am, why is this happening to me now of all times and over a woman. I can’t understand it as I’ve never, ever looked at a woman sexually before, yes I’ve looked at some female celebs and thought they were hot and some of my friends too but not in that way.

I calm myself down the best I can and go back out and take off my clothes and jump on the couch. She tells me to bring my legs up with my knees together and then flop them down to the couch with the bottom of my feet together. I can see her putting lube onto the speculum and then I feel her slightly touching me as she’s about to insert it. I am literally holding my breath as I am having jolts of electricity shoot through me and definitely should not be feeling what I’m feeling. I’m trying to think of anything other than where I am and what is being done but right now all that is running through my head is this hot nurse and wishing it was my favourite vibrator she was inserting in me.

Why the hell is this happening? I hear her voice and quickly look up at her, she’s telling me she’s having trouble seeing the neck of my cervix as it’s slightly tilted so for me to pop my hands under my bum and form them into fists. That brings me back down to earth a bit and I do as she asks. She inserts the speculum again and says that’s better and she can see it now. She then does the smear and it’s all over in less than a minute. She gives me some blue roll to wipe myself with and carries on dong what she needs to while I’m a quivering wreck trying to tidy myself up and get dressed. I’m panicking wondering if she noticed my reactions during the smear and if she could tell or see how wet I was. She then tells me that everything looked ok down there and that I should get the results through the post within a couple of weeks.

I can’t wait to get out of there so just say thanks and rush out. I’m meant to go straight to work afterwards but the way I’m feeling I literally can’t face it so phone in sick. I drive home in a daze and wonder what the hell just happened.

I get in and Sam is still snoring away on the settee so I quietly go into my bedroom, strip off and lie on the bed. I can’t get her face or those eyes out of my head and I feel like I’m going to explode. I start to let my fingers slowly stroke down my chest and feel my nipples harden, I take my time and slowly start circling each of them before tweaking them and pinching them softly then harder. My pussy is on fire and I can feel my wetness. I work one hand down past my belly and reach down to my clit and I am absolutely dripping wet. I’ve never, ever been like this over Sam or any of my exes and I can’t understand why, all I know is I need to cum and I wish it was her hands and not mine touching me.

I slowly start stroking my clit with just one finger at first and omg it feels amazing, I don’t want to cum just yet as it feels so fucking good so I stop touching my nipples with my other hand and bring that down too. I slowly pull my lips apart with my one hand while gently stroking my clit with the other and spend some time just enjoying the sensations and seeing those green eyes.

I’ve now got 2 fingers rubbing and circling my clit and then insert a finger from my other hand into me quickly followed by another. I really want my vibrator or Sam filling me right now but it feels too good to stop so I start rubbing my clit furiously with my one hand while pumping my fingers in and out of me with the other. I am so wet that my juices are dripping down my hand and I can feel it running down my ass, it’s making me so turned on and I can feel myself building up to an orgasm. I add another finger to my hole to try and fill me more and continue to pump away.

Within seconds I can feel myself start to orgasm and I’m trying my hardest not to scream out. My muscles are contracting over and over around my fingers and my juices are literally flowing out of me, I’ve never had such a messy orgasm!!

I am covered in sweat and panting for breath and it takes me a good few minutes to even attempt to take my fingers out of me. That is one of the best orgasms of my life and it was over thinking about a woman!! I just can’t process it or take it in and suddenly feel extremely guilty. What the hell does it mean and why have I never had feelings like this before?

To be continued…

Currently thinking up part 2.

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